Membership:  The membership of the Society shall be open to 18 years, or above in age and interested in the discipline of Nematology. Besides regular members, the Society shall have student members, life members, patrons, fellows, and honorary fellows (as detailed below)

Member: A person who is formally admitted and pays annual dues regularly.

Student Member (Associate) : Any Post-Graduate student pursuing Nematology of allied subjects may become a student member (Associate) of the society on payment of regular admission fees and membership fees at 50% of the prevailing regular membership fees in advance, along with the recommendation of the Head of Department subject to the approval of the Executive Council (EC). He/she must produce a continuity certificate from the Head of the Department each year to maintain his/her membership as an associate. However, this does not debar the student from becoming a regular member, if so desires, after paying full rates. The period under student membership (Associate) will not be counted for eligibility for life membership.

 Life Member (LM) : Any person with 3 years of continuous standing in the Society as a regular member is eligible for life membership on payment of a further 17-year regular membership subscription, either in a lump sum or in instalments within one year. The total number of life members at any given stage shall not exceed 1/3rd of the total membership and be regulated accordingly.

Admission fee and subscription

  • The admission fee shall be INR 25.00 (US $ 35.00).
  • The annual subscription of members shall be INR 50.00 (US $ 35.00) (INR 25.00 per student member) plus bank commission if remitted by any outstation cheque payable in advance and shall become due on the 1st of April every year.
  • Members whose subscriptions happen to be in arrears for more than a year shall be excluded from the privileges of membership until they have paid their arrears. A list of all such members, showing the amounts due from them, shall be submitted by the General Secretary to the President at each General Body (GB) meeting, and it shall be read out at the request of any member present in the meeting.
  • If the arrears are of more than two years standing, the member’s name shall automatically be removed from the Society’s register. Three months’ notice shall be given before removing the names.
  • Those members who are in arrears of subscription for two or more years and whose names have been struck off of the rolls of membership shall be eligible for readmission provided half the admission fee, together with full arrears of subscription for the defaulted period as per the then prevalent rates, are paid. Such readmitted members will, however, become eligible for life membership only from the date of readmission.
  • The life membership fee has been increased from INR 7000/- to INR 10,000/-. If a life member has a continuous standing of 5 years, he has to pay the rest of the amount, i.e., paying only Rs. 7000/- after deducting the fee of 5 years (600 x 5 = INR 3000/-) (GB date: 02.02.2024 at ISI, Kolkata)
  • The amount for annual fees may be modified by the Executive Council (EC), subject to the approval of the General Body.
  • To give the old volumes of the NSI journal to the needy at a minimal rate as may be decided by the EC members at the desired time (GB Dated: 19.11.2004).
  • Admission fee and subscription: EC dated 16.6.2012 revised rates for an annual subscription to the Indian Journal of Nematology and annual membership of the NSI. The following rates were agreed upon:
  • Indian subscriber (other than a member, maybe an institution/ organisation, University etc): INR 4000/- annually
  • International: US$ 200+ postage
  • Online + print : US$ 250 + postage
  • Annual membership (bonafide researchers) INR 600/- and admission fee: INR 50/-